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Room Management

The highest costs in any business are real-estate and staffing costs, hence office space must be correctly utilized. This means making sure that hot-desking areas and boardroom spaces are utilized in the most efficient way possible.  


We can assist with technologies that allow you and your team to book your hot-desk or meeting room – from your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar or through the interactive screen within the office. Ensuring that your meeting needs (projector, whiteboard, videoconferencing and audio conferencing etc) are available when requesting the meeting space (You will never have a twenty-seater boardroom being used for a party of three people!).  


Get reports regarding the usage of your facilities whether for expansion requirements or to bill customers or internal departments

Benefits of room management

BoardRoom 1
Chairmens Office 1.7
Chairmens Office 1.6
BoardRoom 1.7
BoardRoom 1.2
BoardRoom 1.3
BoardRoom 1.6
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