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Hologram Solutions

Hologram technology creates three-dimensional, lifelike images by diffraction of light, often used for immersive displays, entertainment, and futuristic user interfaces.

Audio Visual

Combination of sound and visual elements, often used in presentations, entertainment, and communication to enhance engagement.

Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation involves crafting multimedia materials, such as videos, graphics, and text, for online platforms to inform, entertain, or promote.

Room Management

Room management with booking systems streamlines scheduling, occupancy, and resource allocation in spaces like offices or meeting rooms, optimizing utilization and organization.

Control Systems

Control systems in boardroom solutions manage audiovisual equipment, lighting, and climate to simplify operations, enhancing efficiency and user experience during meetings and presentations.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a dynamic display technology using screens to convey information, advertising, or messaging, often in public spaces for communication and marketing purposes.


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BoardRoom 1
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BoardRoom 1.7
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BoardRoom 1.6
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