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Breaking Language & Communication Barriers: How Samsung Showcased the Power of the New S24’s AI-Powered Translation Feature By Using Holograms

In today’s interconnected world, effective communication across language barriers remains a significant challenge. The new Samsung S24 phone, however, offers a groundbreaking solution that makes communication across languages effortless. In collaboration with Africa Union Technologies, a trusted channel partner of ARHT, Samsung unveiled its latest mobile device with a revolutionary language translation feature using holographic technology.

The standout feature of the new Samsung S24 is its advanced AI translation feature, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to break down language barriers in real-time. This innovation represents a significant leap towards bridging cultures and fostering global collaboration, making communication between different language speakers seamless and efficient.

In a one-of-a-kind showcase, Africa Union Technologies collaborated with Samsung to bring the Samsung S24’s language translation capabilities to life using holographic technology. By leveraging ARHT’s holographic technology, Africa Union Technologies created an immersive experience that mesmerized the audience and showcased the transformative power of the Samsung S24.

Presenting the AI Translation Feature Through Interactive Hologram

“The Samsung booth was set up for three weeks in Johannesburg, displaying the AI features of the translation feature in the new Samsung S24 phone,” explains Steven Robertson, the MD of Africa Union Technologies. However, visitors to the Samsung stand at Sandton City in Johannesburg didn’t only learn about the AI capabilities. The speaker, who was turned into a hologram—and beamed from a remote Capture Studio—engaged with the audience, introducing herself and demonstrating the AI translation feature. 

With the support of ARHT’s holographic technology, Africa Union Technologies incorporated captivating animations into the holographic display. By selecting between Korean, Portuguese and French language, visitors could witness a visual representation of the immediate translation process. The fusion of holographic technology, lifelike animations, and interactive engagement left visitors awestruck, blurring the lines between reality and technology. 

“We recorded a speaker in our studio and created animations around her, as she demonstrated examples of the different languages (Korean, French, and Portuguese) that AI could translate. We wanted to give customers at the Samsung stand the opportunity to engage with the hologram. People were very eager to engage and interact, which was crucial for the success of the product launch,” reveals Steven.

Thanks to the innovative holographic technology, Samsung successfully captured the attention and garnered positive feedback from a wide audience. The lifelike holographic speaker, combined with the seamless translation capabilities of the Samsung S24, was a winning combination and a great example of how holographic technology can enhance consumer engagement and spark interest.

Exploring Future Possibilities

As holographic technology continues to advance together with other emerging technologies, such as AI and VR, we will see more and more applications and possibilities across various industries. The project between Africa Union Technologies and Samsung underscores the potential of holographic displays to amplify consumer engagement, break language barriers, and redefine communication.

“Our goal is to innovate, create, and infuse a touch of magic to elevate the customer experience using holographic technology. That is why we partnered with ARHT: we have the same vision and passion for innovation,” concludes Steven.

The ARHT partner network is a crucial platform that facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration among various industry stakeholders. Channel partners such as African Union Technologies play a pivotal role in expanding the network’s reach and impact across diverse regions. Leveraging the expertise and resources of partners like Africa Union Technologies fosters innovation and drives sustainable growth within the ARHT ecosystem.


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